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New StarQuest Combined Near Stars Campaign and Basic Core Rules - Updated 11/29/2005!

I've combined the recently released Near Stars Campaign book with a revised copy of the Core Rules! Now all the StarQuest core materials in a single download!

About StarQuest

What is StarQuest? StarQuest is an Open Source (i.e. free) roleplaying game system created by a group of gamers on the StarQuest Forum. StarQuest has its own "default" campaign universe, called the Near Stars Campaign. The original materials were released August 9th, 2004.

StarQuest is free, and always will be. The designers are all old-school gamers, and the system is "lite" and simple. It's not d20.

A few words about canon: Canon means "by the book," and is one of the things which I (Chris Gonnerman) believe is the main limitation of most science-fiction roleplaying games. Almost all sci-fi roleplaying games are based on one or another fictional universe explored by movies, television, or books. While this gives such games a rich base of material to work with, it also means that there will always be fictional characters who overshadow the players. For instance, in the old TSR Buck Rogers XXVc game, the players are really not allowed to be Buck, or Wilma Dearing, or any of the "canon" characters. The players' activities were always overshadowed by these mighty heros.

StarQuest has no "canon" heroic characters. This isn't to say that there are no powerful NPC's, but rather that the story isn't about them.

In fantasy games, "canon" often refers to the vendor's published world materials. Gamers are often attacked (in online forums) if their campaigns aren't strictly canon. We don't want that either. So far as possible, the StarQuest Near Stars Campaign materials will tell about how it is now (in the year 2139) and not try to predict your future. If one campaign tells of how the Polarans took over the Near Stars, and the players have to fight to defeat them, while another campaign ignores them entirely, hey, it's all good. If you don't like something, change it.

Contributions are welcome! Email your comments to:

Contributed rules or other materials will be credited to you even if we make changes to them.

Downloading the Rules

Below are links to the current documents in format and in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format.

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Near Stars Campaign and Basic Core Rules
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