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Nevermore: The Seven Swords of Saviare

The Battle of Saviare

At the end of the Age of Darkness, a combined force of Men and Elves battled the last of the Ophidian armies at the ruined Castle Saviare. Saviare Swamp was a part of the nation of Parth before the attack of the Ophidians; rumor has it that the Dark Gate through which they came is lost somewhere in the swamp.

Be that as it may, the last battle of the Age of Darkness began with the approach of the Second Army of Gault from the west. They were met by the combined land forces of the Celestial Knights, the Army of Parth, the Elvish Army of Saihaim, and a great force of Nordac barbarians from the Coast Clans, along with

the fleets of the Merchant's Guild and the new Alendran Confederacy. These seven great forces of Men and Elves formed a temporary alliance against their common enemies.

Each force was led by a great warrior, and these seven men met in a secret meeting. No one knows what went on in that tent, but after a conference of nearly a day, they came out and gave their orders for the next day's battle. As a result of this secret meeting, no one knows who in fact might have been the overall leader; the generals themselves claimed they acted as full equals. (Naturally, afterward each faction claimed their leader was foremost...)

After the battle was won, the famed bard Rathwynn composed an epic poem, The Seven Swords of Saviare, to commemorate the event. The poem, condensed into a much shorter and more exciting song by other bards, became so popular that the seven leaders became known by the title Sword of Saviare.

The Seven

Albrecht, Sword of Saviare

Beloved by his people, King Albrecht I of Parth disappeared after the battle. It is rumored that he became a vampire...

Aurelian, Sword of Saviare

General Aurelian Rogassus of Gault went on to become Emperor Aurelian I after the sudden death of Emperor Sansil II. It is said that Sansil II was poisoned by his chief advisor, Zartus, who was then put to death by the new Emperor. Others say that Aurelian poisoned Sansil and then framed Zartus.

Lorus, Sword of Saviare

Sultan Lorus Valtonin, High Admiral, Alendran First Fleet, built his fleet further before retiring to a mansion by the sea. He had eleven wives and over fifty legitimate children, and it is said that he also fathered many illegitimate children all over the known world.

Rolf, Sword of Saviare

General Rolf Krug, Commander of the Nordac Horde, went on to unite the Coast Clans for many years. Upon his death in 21 A.D., the Nordac Horde collapsed into disorder. Rolf also had many children, but none of them were legitimate, leaving no acceptable heir.

Tolivar, Sword of Saviare

Prince Tolivar, High Commander of the Combined Forces of Saihaim, still lives in Saihaim. He has his own palace and a force of veteran soldiers for his guard.

Toro, Sword of Saviare

Admiral Toro Cinquinus, of the Merchant's Guild Defensive Fleet, founded a great dynasty of merchants who still dominate the Guild.

Zephram, Sword of Saviare

Lord Zephram, High Commander of the Celestial Knights, retired in 4 A.D., and was replaced by Lord Halden as the leader of the Knights. Zephram retired to a secluded manor in the northernmost regions of Northaven; little is known of him after this time, until he died in 9 A.D. of natural causes and was brought back to the headquarters of the Celestial Knights and buried with much ceremony.

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