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Nations of Nevermore
Alendran Confederacy
Region: Austeris, North and East
Races: Alerak, Kesra
Language: Alerak
Ruler(s): The Council of Kings
Government: Confederacy
Altomare, City-State of
Region: Austeris, Northwest
Races: Mixed, mainly Englo
Language: Gaultic
Ruler(s): Prime Minister Tolram
Government: Republic
Arthandria, City-State of
Region: Shogian Island
Races: Mixed, mainly Cinric
Language: Cinric
Ruler(s): High Sorcerer Nathan Antandar
Government: Magocracy/Republic
Carbena, Kingdom of
Region: East-Central Thaima
Races: Cinric
Language: Cinric
Ruler(s): King Bretanwald
Government: Monarchy
Coast Clans Alliance
Region: Northern Thaima
Races: Nordac, some Lesser Giants
Language: Nordac
Ruler(s): Council of Elders
Government: Confederacy
Dartmoore, City-State of
Region: Sesilon, Eastern
Races: Englo, Danaug
Language: Gaultic
Ruler(s): Prime Minister Alanton Bradoc
Government: Republic
Gaultic Empire
Region: Sesilon, Northern and Thaima, Western
Races: Englo, Danaug, Turkor, Cinric
Language: Gaultic
Ruler(s): Emperor Sansil Ning
Government: Autocracy
Kaxandar, Confederacy of
Region: Sesilon, near the Antev Gulf
Races: Dwarves
Language: Kaxnarbon
Ruler(s): Council of Princes
Government: Confederacy
Malamore, City-State of
Region: Austeris, Northern
Races: Tai Mansk, some Kesra
Language: Tai Mansk
Ruler(s): Derban Ta-Par Jadd
Government: Dictatorship
Melenbrink, City-State of
Region: Sesilon, Eastern
Races: Danaug, Englo, some Kesra
Language: Gaultic
Ruler(s): Prince Dane Bradly
Government: Monarchy
Northaven, Kingdom of
Region: Thaima, Eastern
Races: Cinric
Language: Cinric
Ruler(s): King Ephram Corwynn
Government: Monarchy
Ostach, City-State of
Region: Thaima, West Averan Gulf
Races: Cinric, Turkor
Language: Cinric
Ruler(s): Merchant's League
Government: Syndicracy
Parth, Kingdom of
Region: Thaima, East Averan Gulf
Races: Cinric, some Turkor
Language: Cinric
Ruler(s): King Drannon Kelius
Government: Monarchy
Rocassan, Kingdom of
Region: Thaima, Central
Races: Cinric
Language: Cinric
Ruler(s): King Gord Talwain
Government: Monarchy
Saihaim, Kingdom of
Region: Thaima, Northern
Races: Elves, High and Wood
Language: Haerlindal and Thamerlindal
Government: Monarchy-Confederacy

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