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Money in Nevermore

The standard Gold Piece is the Gold Cubit. Cubits, made and used by the Merchant's Guild, are square coins with a round hole in the middle for stacking on spindles. Exchange rates are as follows:
Coin   CC SC GC PC
1 Copper Cubit = 1 1/10 1/100 1/500
1 Silver Cubit = 10 1 1/10 1/50
1 Gold Cubit = 100 10 1 1/5
1 Platinum Cubit = 500 50 5 1

Modern Gaultic coins are equivalent in weight and value to Cubits, but are normal round coins with the Emperor's face on one side and a Wyvern on the other. Generally, exchange between Cubits and Imperials (as they are called) is at little or no premium.

Current Alendran coinage is strictly copper, silver, gold; they do not use platinum coins. These coins are smaller than Cubits or Imperials, and generally worth 3/4 (75%) of the value of an equivalent number of Cubits. Alendran coins are marked with astrological symbols on one side, and the sigil of the issuing principality on the other.

There are many other, older coins still in use or stored up in treasure hoards. With the exception of those with collectible value, most such coins are worth 76% to 95% (75 + 1d20) of their value by weight.

Copper and silver cubits and imperials weigh 1/40 of a pound each; gold and platinum coins of these types weigh 1/20 of a pound. Alendran coins weigh 1/50 of a pound for silver and copper, and 1/25 of a pound for gold and platinum. (These figures are actually pretty close to accurate in the real world for large coins).

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