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Modern Languages
Language Region
Common Merchant's Tongue, any region.
Gaultic Gaultic Empire
Cinric Northeastern Nations of Thaima
Nordac Coast Clans of Northern Thaima
Alerak Alendran Confederacy
Kesra Tribes of Kesra
Tai Mansk Pidgin of Various Tribal Dialects
Danalenglo Barbarian Tribes of Sesilon
Haerlindal High Elvish*
Thamerlindal Wood Elvish*
Kaxnarbon Dwarvish

* High and Wood Elvish are sister dialects, but differ enough that complex thoughts are very difficult to translate; one can get directions to the inn, but not spell-casting directions.

Most any adult in a seaport or capitol city will know either Common or Gaultic (dependent on region) and most any member of the Merchant's Guild will know both, as well as his or her native tongue, if any.

Common, Gaultic, and Cinric share a common character set (called Common), such that Read/Write skill in any one applies to any other the same character speaks; that is, a character who speaks Common and Gaultic need only acquire Read/Write once for both of them. Kesra and Alerak are similarly related, as are High and Wood Elvish. There is no standard written form of Tai Mansk or Danalenglo, but they are often transliterated into the other character sets.

Note that civilized Human nations use Elvish numeric script, so that numbers are more universal. Dwarves use their own numeric script, but any Dwarf who can read a Human or Elvish language can read their numbers also.

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