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Nevermore Creation

From the Celestial Book of the Beginning, Chap. 1:

In the beginning there was only Light, and the light was Luminar. After a time alone, He decided to create the Wyrld. Air, Earth, Water and Fire did he create, and put them in their separate places. Time came next, but to create Time He had first to create Darkness, for all was still in Light.

So Luminar, who is Creation, created Duskur, who is Destruction. Luminar saw that this was necessary; but Duskur refused to serve. To Luminar he said, "You have created me, Luminar, but now I am Your equal. I will do what the Wyrld requires, because that is my nature, but I will also do as I will, not as You would have me do."

Luminar was saddened; but He did not destroy Duskur, for Luminar is Creation. He created the Great Barrier, to protect the Wyrld, so that Duskur might not enter it; but neither may Luminar enter the Wyrld, lest he break the Barrier.

Then Luminar created lesser servants, who could enter the Wyrld without breaking the Barrier; but Duskur whispered his evil to them, and the tenth part of them joined him, partaking of his Darkness for their power. These servants of Duskur are called demons, and they also may enter through the Barrier.

Luminar saw that the Wyrld needed Life, so he created the first pair of every creature and the first seed of every plant, sending them to the Wyrld in the hands of his servants. Last of the First Life were the Dragons, which He created shining copper, bronze, brass, silver and gold, and to them He gave dominion over the Wyrld. Thus do they call themselves Wyrm, the First of the Wyrld.

To these did Duskur's minions go, and whispered evil in their ears and in their hearts, and so powerful were these servants of Darkness that even those Wyrms who remained on the side of Light crave wealth and treasure as no Man could hope to understand. Those Dragons who joined the minions of Darkness changed, their very skin color being altered, so that they no longer shone like precious metal.

Luminar was saddened. After a time, He chose to create a meeker creature, the Gnome. Short of stature and quick moving, they were of little interest to the Wyrms, who thought them useless even as prey. Short lived as they were next to the Dragons, yet were they fruitful and soon they covered the land.

Those Gnomes living in the forests soon wished to have longer arms and legs, and better ears, to aid them in their arboreal lives. They prayed to Lunari, he of the White Moon, and Lunari prayed to Luminar, and their request was granted. Thus were born the Elves.

Duskur's minions whispered evil to the Elves, offering them longer lives in turn for service to Darkness; the Elven King Malathar Weah Samilar was seduced by these promises, and he agreed. After a time of evil among the Elves a new King arose named Kalidaan Wel Selestrahar, who prayed again to Bar for forgiveness for the Elven people. Luminar heard his plea and granted it, then took Kalidaan to himself as a new servant.

Other Gnomes mined precious metals and gems, trading them for protection or territory with the Dragons. They prayed to Bar, the Elder, first of Luminar's creations after Duskur, who prayed to Luminar, and their request was granted. Thus were born the Dwarves.

To these also did Duskur's servants whisper, and they began to covet the treasure they mined for the Dragons. They began to withhold tribute from the Dragons, and in fury the evil Dragons drove the Dwarves below the ground, there to live for all time.

Those Gnomes left living in the open places soon fell to bickering, as the minions of Duskur put evil in their hearts. One Gnomish King, Orcus, prayed to Ruoss the Despiser for power to defeat his enemies, and Ruoss gifted them with greater stature, strength, and fecundity, that they might outnumber and overpower their foes. This gift of Darkness twisted their souls, and the Orcs were born. From them over time have all the evil humanoids arisen, from Goblins to Ogres.

Orcus was given powers above those of his fellows and eventually joined the ranks of Duskur's minions.

His armies attacked the other Gnomes with vigor, until only one nation, Man, was left. King Soromar of Man prayed to Galara the Earth Mother for power to defeat evil, and Luminar granted this. Thus were Humans born.

Luminar looked upon the Wyrld and was saddened. It came to pass at last that the only remaining true Gnome was dead; when Luminar saw this his sadness turned to anger, and he unleashed his anger on the Wyrld in the form of Giru the Reaver.

For seven years Giru raged across the Wyrld, which was beset by storms and floods; it ended with the Sundering of the land into two continents. Then Luminar relented, seeing that the children of the Gnomes were repentant.

Thus ended the First Age.

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