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Here are the maps to the Dark Gate complexes. All three were built to the same plan. Directions in the key below are accurate for the Thaiman (northern) and Sesilonian (southwestern) complexes, but the Austeran (southeastern) complex is rotated 180 degrees.

Area 1 is the main hallway. This area will usually have guards posted (depending on who is controlling the complex at this time). This hallway and room 2 are lit by Continual Light spells (cast on the locations). The ceiling is 35' high in this area. Note the secret door leading under the steps to the secret level; there is a peephole on the other side allowing those in the secret level to see into the hallway.

Area 2 is mostly empty except for the two 10'x10' cells used to contain "specimens" from the distant past.

Area 3 is a complex of small bedrooms (like monastic cells) with one larger room for whoever happens to be in charge. Note the secret doors and the "back hallway." The room with the pit is a latrine (the pit is a midden).

Area 4 is the gate room. The blue area is a balcony with 10' of clearance under it, supported by a massive black pillar marked in silver inlay with ancient elvish magic runes. The two pillars to the east are similarly marked, and between them the portal to the past appears when the key is turned. When the portal is opened or closed there is a sound like thunder in the room. The circle on the balcony marks the short pillar which has the keyhole in the top. The time settings are adjusted by several marked concentric rings at the edge of the pillar top.

Area 5 is the secret level. The hallways north and south are sorcerous gates connecting the three secret levels of the three complexes together. All three are identical, of course. The three pillars here are marked as in area 4.

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