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Module Released: Castle Caldwell Dungeon
When the player characters in my Nevermore campaign were still low-level, I needed adventures to fill in the gaps. Many have complained about the Basic series module, Castle Caldwell and Beyond, but I have been able to use some parts of it.

The Castle upper level is pretty decent in my opinion, but the dungeon below the Castle was just silly. I decided I wanted a more reasonable (and challenging) dungeon, so I created my own.

Click here to download the PDF version of my "alternate" dungeon level.

World of Nevermore -- Revision 2001.0
The World of Nevermore (just the "Wyrld" to it's inhabitants) is my current AD&D 2nd Edition campaign world.  Here I will post some of the campaign materials I have created for this world over the past thirteen years.


These are the tales told and the songs sung by the bards of Nevermore. As such, the accuracy of them may be less than their entertainment value. Take anything you read with a grain of salt...

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