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Written by Chris Gonnerman

Here are two name generation programs written by me in Python.  You can try them here, or you can download them for later use on your own computer.

Python is a freely available scripting language, for use on pretty much all kinds of modern computers (Windows 9x/ME/2k/XP, Mac OSX, Linux, *BSD, etc.) Click here to learn more about Python, or to download it!

Atomic Name Generator

This program is entirely my idea, so far as I know.  I got the idea some years ago, wrote it in C, lost the source, rewrote it in C again, and now I have written it in Python.

Atomic takes a list of names and atomizes it, breaking it down into parts I call atoms (not the normal computer science usage of the term) and saves them in data files.  Later you can tell Atomic to load the data file and generate random names based on the dataset.

Atomic is more "random" than Molecular (described below) but has the signal virtue that you can give it any list of names and it can process it automatically; the Molecular name generator needs prepared data files to work.

Click here to try it NOW!

Click here to download a zipfile of the source.

Molecular Name Generator

This program is based on the a_ngen program by Kimmo "Arkhan" Kulovesi.  I implemented it based on his data files without reference to the a_ngen source; as such, Molecular varies in behavior from the original program.

Molecular needs a namefile generally compatible with a_ngen.  I am distributing the namefiles written by Arkhan for a_ngen; they don't have any indication that they are covered by the GPL (as his program source is), so I don't think there is a problem with breaking them out from the source, but just to be safe here is the URL for Arkhan's site.

Click here to try it NOW!

Click here to download a zipfile of the source.

Generic Name Generator New!

The Generic name generator creates names by randomly assembling random syllables. There are no name lists or other fancy features; the character distribution is similar to Scrabble (but not exactly the same).

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Click here to download a zipfile of the source.

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