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Welcome to the world of the Guardians!

I started my first Marvel Super Heroes campaign pretty much the day the rules were released. From 1986 through 1987, my former AD&D group played Marvel about every week. Then I left to join the Air Force.

Fast forward to around 1992, when I dusted off the rules again and ran Marvel for another group of friends. The new Guardians took over the almost-abandoned HQ of the original Guardians and picked up where they left off, fighting baddies in the New York City area.

Again the game came to an end due to outside forces. Now here I am in 2006, running Marvel with my seven year old daughter, her best friend (also seven) and her friend's ten year old brother. I never saw adult players get into the game as much as they do!

I intend to post some of my game materials here for others to use. I've learned that "classic" Marvel Super Heroes is pretty popular still, so hopefully there is some interest in what I have to offer.

Game History

My Guardians game builds rather haphazardly on the background from my Bay City Boys campaign; I wrote a lot more background for that game than I ever used, and I've posted much of it in that section. The part of the game world history that runs from 1940 (the end of the Bay City campaign) to the present is being presented on my blog,

I also have a few handy tools I'm working on. Right now, the only one I have posted is the Technological Item Name Generator.


Here are some game materials I've created or collected for this campaign:

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