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For ease of use, I have used standard real-world climate definitions as used in North American gardening. Here is a quick reference to what the zone numbers in the map above mean (temperatures in Fahrenheit):

Zone Avg. Annual Low Avg. Annual High
3 -35° 60°
4 -25° 70°
5 -15° 80°
6 -5° 90°
7 100°
8 15° 110°

Temperatures as given don't tell the whole story, of course. For instance, western Zor and southern Kel are both Zone 7, but where southern Kel is arid and dry, western Zor is covered in jungle. Also note that the higher humidity in a jungle area will result in higher apparent temperatures.

If you are looking at the map and trying to figure out why the zones work in a lower-left to upper-right fashion, rather than strictly up and down... keep wondering. The only answer I will give is that there wasn't always a Great Desert.

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