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When I set out to write these stories, I was tired of modern fantasy novels. Too many pseudoTolkiens, too many Vampires and Werewolves, too many quests. What few were different were usually very dark.

Solo Jones is different:

  • Solomoriah isn't from a medieval age, and he isn't modern. Solomoriah is, in fact, from a very ancient civilization predating even the Egyptians. Though he makes jokes about the Stone Age, his people did make implements of copper, bronze, gold, and silver. The secret to their great civilization wasn't technology; their best weapon was a spear and atlatl. Their secret was magic.
  • Stuff happens. As Solo Jones, Supernatural Investigator, Solomoriah deals with other people's mystic problems. Meanwhile, life happens around him. He has to deal with more than one problem at a time... just like we all do in real life.
  • Magic isn't an Art, it's a Science. Solomoriah's spells are based on his scientific understanding of the nature of magic. He knows where the power comes from and how to manipulate it. He creates his own spells, and modifies those he already knows. He is a "hacker" of magic the same way that his friend Mark is a "hacker" of computer code.
  • Solomoriah doesn't always know the answer. Sometimes he's even foolish. Most of the bad things that happen in his life are the result of mistakes, or at least of poor choices. (He has his share of bad luck also.)
  • Solomoriah doesn't always win the fight. Often he's lucky to survive, and sometimes he runs away. This isn't cowardice, it's discretion... and he never forgets when someone trys to kill him.

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