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Welcome to my website! Here you will find the tales of Solo Jones, Supernatural Investigator.

Notice: These are stories written by an adult, for adult readers. They are not intended as "erotic fiction," (and if you are expecting that you will be disappointed) but they do deal with adult themes. Those who are offended by this should go elsewhere.

These are rather unconventional stories. If you are a fan of modern fantasy, but don't care for the medieval or ancient kind, don't count Solomoriah out just because of the early chapters. By Chapter 6 of the first book he'll be in the modern age.

I have created a list of the things I think make these stories different... comments are welcome (see below).

My account can be accessed here. The first book below, and the first four chapters of each of the others, is posted there.

Here are the current tables of contents:

1    My Apprenticeship
2    The Madman and the King
3    I Lose Another Friend
4    A Cup of Xocholotl
5    The Mage of Flame
6    The Museum
7    Safe Haven
8    Discovery
9    The Library
10    50 Fremont Center
11    I Am Not Alone
12    We Meet Again, For The First Time
13    Wednesday
14    Back to the Tower
15    I Learn The Secret On Television
16    The Clay Golem
17    Quest by Taxi
18    The House of Dreamwalker
19    I Shoot Myself
20    Spring Cleaning

1    Interlude, Before Beginning
2    Saturday Morning Cartoons
3    Adventures in Yardwork
4    Sword and Sorcery
5    Valerie and Emily
6    Mark's Plan
7    Staff Meeting
8    A Client At Last!
9    The Interview
10    The Support Group
11    Discretion
12    The Investigation Begins
13    Family Reunion
14    Dreams and Nightmares
15    Clues and Confusion
16    Thursday Afternoon
17    I Die Again
18    Healing, and Other Dangerous Activities
19    Street Fighting Men
20    The Wedding

1    The Summons
2    Risky Shopping
3    All The Right Moves
4    The Meeting
5    Embarcadero By Moonlight
6    Tuesday Morning
7    Deja Vu With A Twist
8    The Scene Of The Crime
9    The Basement
10    Research
11    Another Murder
12    The Compassionate Heist
13    Complimentary Home Delivery
14    Determination
15    Schuyler Norton
16    Natomi Osaka
17    Franklin Evans
18    Ron Harris
19    Joseph Green
20    Magus

Downloadable PDF Documents
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