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Part 1:  From Outlaw to King

Sometime in the latter part of the 1st Century AD, a certain outlaw band on the run from Roman authorities took a small galley into an Atlantic storm. The ship was destroyed by the weather, but one outlaw survived, washing up on the shore of a heretofore unknown island.

He found himself on the shores of a bay, where a river drained into the sea from out of a dense, dark forest. With what equipment he could salvage from the wreck, he set out to explore his new environment.

On a rocky hill overlooking the bay, the outlaw found ancient ruins, and below them, within the hill, a maze of tunnels and chambers created by some long-lost civilization. He explored the tunnels, and eventually discovered a treasure hoard of silver jewelry and other items. One item, a silver pendant set with a large sapphire, immediately caught the outlaw's eye, and though he reburied the treasure, he kept the pendant on his person from then on.

Time passed, and the outlaw began to realize that the pendant was magical, and with it he could influence the weather as well as perform other apparently miraculous things. Soon he learned that the pendant could even allow him to return home, back to his ancestral lands, simply by walking the narrow, ancient road that ran inland from the bay. The pendant allowed him to focus on the place he wanted to reach and simply walk to it.

But on returning to his homeland he discovered that more than three hundred years had passed since his shipwreck. The outlaw decided that his best opportunity was to return to the island, which he had begun calling Eo (for no particular reason he could think of), with followers to become his subjects. He brought some of the silver treasure with him to convince the peasants he approached that he was a true king fallen on hard times; though most he approached turned him down, he was able to assemble more than a hundred followers on his first attempt. Those who followed him were the misfits, unhappy with their current liege lords, and they set to work with gusto building farms and houses on the edge of the forest of Eo.

The outlaw was called Argentus by his earliest followers; this became King Argent as time passed. He made many trips back to various parts of Europe, each time bringing a few new settlers with him.

Eventually there was dissention among his subjects, and some of them followed the road or the river inland to found new villages. Some of the new villages continued to recognize the King, but others declared themselves independent. By this time King Argent had a small but loyal force of warriors, but he discovered that, without his magical guidance, he could not rely on them to find the rebellious villages. Still, King Argent had a good thing going, and he knew it.

Part 2:  Enter the Sorceress

Kestrel flees from the angry mob...

Part 3:  Founding of the Cathedral

The Cathedral of Saint Ivo of Kermartin...

Part 4:  A Magician Discovers Eo

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