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Class: Priest  
Level: 2  
School: Alteration  
Range: Self  
Components: V, S  
Duration: 1 turn/level  
Casting Time: 1 round (5 at caster level 9+)  
Area of Effect: Touch  
Saving Throw: N/A  

When this spell is cast, the caster gains strength such that he or she can lift or apply force of 100 lbs. per level of ability.  The caster must maintain contact with the object.  An attack roll (which ignores armor but not magical protection) must be made against unwilling targets.

Concentration is also required; the caster is, however, harder to distract, such that attacks from the caster's target won't cause concentration to be lost.  The remaining spell duration is not lost if concentration is lost; the caster may simply gather his wits and try again.

This spell confers no protection from the harmful effects of touching dangerous objects or creatures.

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