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Alderon's Prosthesis
Copyright © 2000, Chris Gonnerman
Free for personal use only.
Class: Wizard  
Level: 3  
School: Conjuration, Phantasm  
Range: Touch  
Components: V, S, M  
Duration: Indefinite  
Casting Time: 3 rounds  
Area of Effect: Special  
Saving Throw: N/A  

This spell permits the caster to "replace" a lost appendage of a willing target with a quasi-real appendage.  The prosthesis is light grey and smoky in appearance, and has no more than 9 STR and DEX even if the recipient has higher scores (but this does not improve low scores).  In all other ways it may be used like the original. It has normal sensation, but feels no pain.

Duration is indefinite, but if the appendage takes more damage than the caster's level it is dispelled.  Also, if the recipient is reduced to 0 or less HP (even if he or she does not die) the effect is dispelled.

The material components are sawdust and a strand of the target's hair (or a small amount of epidermal scrapings if hair is unavailable).  Magical items worn on the appendage (rings, gloves, gauntlets, boots, etc.) will not work on the prosthesis, but items held function normally unless skin contact is specifically required.

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